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Dreamcast Forever!

Mana-Sama's Nostalgic game inferno

Part 5: Dreamcast

Company: Sega Enterprises
Release date: November 27, 1998
Retail Price: 29,800 yen

Long ago, when 32 bit game systems were introduced, the 2 large consoles, Sony's playstation and Sega's Saturn, were battling against each other.

On that note, allow me to take it upon myself to talk about the big battle between these two! During the same time period NEC was releasing its next generation console, the PC-FX, so properly speaking, there should have been a big battle between 3 kinds of next generation systems. However, the PC-FX pushed on towards an extreme maniac route, so although it was released at the same time, it pulled out right away from the Playstation and Saturn and immediately dropped out. Incidentally, with the PC-FX, NEC's home use game consoles came to an end……. This was a huge disappointment for PC Engine fans! damn~! It met its fate.

Well, the first half of the battle was the Saturn's doing, but gradually the Playstation would be able to gain a large lead. Sega who had been reigning since the dawn of game consoles never would have thought in their wildest dreams that they would be defeated by the newcomer Sony.

Once they completely settled [on a decision], Sega attempted to recover by taking their company fortunes to introduce the game console, "Dreamcast"!

At that time, it became clear that this was Seaa's last stand. They even tried to bring out a strange character approach, with executive director Yukawa [Yukawa Senmu] and the kids who would say "Sega is out of date!" It was a bit of a painful feeling for Sega Fans from the old days. To tell you the truth, I was also one of those people.

However, I had been substantially anticipating Sega's full body Dreamcast [system] before it was released. For a long time I had played Sega consoles, so I had been thinking about, "Sega is going to be defeated!"

Since I wanted it on the day it would come out, I reserved it at a certain department store.

Well, on the release day I had to go in for work with MALICE MIZER, but because I wanted it on that day by all means possible, I quickly went with a rush of people as soon as the store opened and miraculously got it!

However, only a small amount of 4 games were released at the same time as the console……. Further more, when I went to the store the killer game "Virtual Fighter 3tb" had sold out. Reluctantly, I bought something I didn't want, "Godzilla Generations". With an embarrassing orange box with a large print of Yukawa Senmu's face under my arm, I went the office!

When I arrived at the office, I had to wait for a long time through meetings! Although the large body emerged from the box in a compact case, its white color made it a beautiful next generation console.

The controller had a unique form to it. The color scheme of the buttons resembled the Super famicon, so I was a little worried about it, but it established a unique style with its virtual memory.

Also, the way it connected to the TV! Thereupon……b-beautiful, too beautiful! As you would expect from a next generation console, the Playstation and Saturn projected by far the most beautiful graphics. "Its Sega, they can defeat this strong hold of the Playstation!" I yelled out! However…….

At the time of the Dreamcast, Sony's next generation console, the PS2, was about to be introduced into the market, so it was quite a short lived dream [of Sega]. After that, they withdrew from the console department. It seemed like a sad reality for Sega when they started to walk towards that dream. who would have guessed.

Goodbye Dreamcast. Although you were only around for a short while, I will never forget you.

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I think many people reading this may be unfamiliar with Yukawa Senmu (or translated to Executive Director Yukawa) so I'll attempt to explain:

In 1998, one of the most famous advertisements on TV in Japan was for the Sega Dreamcast, which featured a business man named Yukawa. The commercial often shows him happening to hear upon the voices of young kids who would be saying the catch phrase "Sega nante dase-yo na!" which translates to "Sega is outdated!" The kids would talk about this this in comparison to Playstation, which they would state is much more interesting than Sega. Upon hearing this, Yukawa would act completely distraught and worked up over the situation, due to the fact that he had grown up with Sega and suddenly kids are calling it outdated.

Here are some of the commercials aired featuring Yukawa in 1998 for the Dreamcast: