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Green is the radiance of emerald!

Mana-Sama's Nostalgic game inferno

Part 6: Xbox

Company: Microsoft
Release date: February 22, 2002
Retail Price: 34,800 yen

Being able to slice the ground with an X, and from the inside you could see a vivid beautiful lit up green icon; this time I will be taking up the Xbox.

"A new system from America will be raiding the shelves!," with this new development in 2002 I was thrilled.

The Xbox invasion defeated Sega's DC in the game market, and Nintendo's G4 & GC was going unnoticed. It was even turning towards the unrivaled Sony, the group who had the PS2.

I should also say that the PS2 had a DVD playback function which earned it a huge merit. Although it never molded into the DVD market, it was a game console and on top of that you could also watch DVDs on it…… At that time you could read SONY's tactics.

The PS2 empire had built an unshakeable position, but across the ocean Microsoft was attacking the entire PC market! " Microsoft who has a huge fortune is advancing to Games. This has to be scary for SONY," I was trembling.

There was a reason to think that way. I had encountered the American Atari system, "ATARI 2600". If I recall, I was still very young at that time. It was before the birth of the Famicon, the toy store clerk at the counter said "If you insert 50 yen you can play," so on this system I became intimate with games.

Despite the time period, the price of the ATARI 2600 was 60,000 yen. For a child such a high price for something was eye popping, so of course I never got to buy it. But then quickly the "Atari Shock" occurred and the Atari crashed! The game market crashed, so this gave birth to a dark history in video games.

Having said that, America's first advancement to Japan finished with a defeat. Strictly speaking there was not just 1 time, but I want to hurry along with this.

Then, crossing over to 2002, by the means of the black cased Xbox, America started to advance here for the 3rd time. How was it their 3rd time? I already touched on the 1st time, but the second time was in 1994 with my forever beloved 3DO! Since it was released in Japan by Matsushita Electric Industrial, people might not have realized since there were Games made particularly in Japan, but actually the 3DO came from America. Japanese companies were able to get a license for the "Standard 3DO".

I got a little side tracked, so let's get back on topic. The Xbox's Japan raid propaganda. There was a big fever before it was even released with Shibuya completely tainted in the Xbox color!

The Xbox fulfilled its first real console meeting with an article about the Xbox in the Famitsu. I was struck by the article, so I visited the Famitsu editorial department and I got to see it before it was released!

It was my first time to see the square black body. It seemed heavy, and there was an X line running through the middle. Furthermore, a semi transparent green Xbox dome was inshrined inside. When I saw it, I unintentionally cried out in my heart "This is extremely cool~".

I was a little disappointed though because the green dome didn't light up. It would have been the best if it did.

Nonetheless, the first generation Xbox is one of my favorites. Translations by: Sarah @ ANNOTATIONS:

† The "Atari Shock" is known in English as the "North American Video Game Crash of 1983" You can read information about it here: Wikipedia

† For those who don't know, the Famitsu is a popular Japanese video game magazine that Mana is notorious for buying.